The Targeted Advertising

Today the place of social media in our daily life is taking more and more space and significance. According to the business insider, the average internet user spend 2 and a half hours daily on social media. The amount of interactions on social media (likes on Facebook, +1 on google, or retweet on tweeter) is now huge and their treatment come now under big data.

One of the capture-decran-2016-10-11-a-10-35-23most important use of your personal data is targeted advertising. Don’t be surprised if the sponsored posts you see on Facebook is related on your Facebook’s pages likes or even with the websites you visited. Actually social media in not the first media that use targeted advertising. We could already see that before on broadcast media, especially on Television. If you watch the TV on a business channel you may see some airplanes companies advertising while when you watch more popular channel you may see more advertising about which is the cheapest grocery store. Mcapture-decran-2016-10-11-a-10-31-39oreover it you watch at the same channel at 8 am you, during the cartoon time you may see toys advertisements whereas if you look at the same channel at 3 pm you may more find stairlift advertisements. The fact is that considered the price of a TV advertising, companies wants to ensure that their advertising is not directed towards the wrong people. So it is why you don’t see the same advertisement on the morning and on the afternoon, as well as on the business channel and the popular channel.

But now, targeted advertising is even more used. Thanks to all the information we leave on the different social media, websites and even in our internet browser, companies can know what we like, what we do, what we buy and so on. Thanks to social media, marketers can know if we would be interested or not in their product and so they can decide whether they want to show us their advertisement or not. The more people they want to reach, the more they pay but, which is obvious, but they still can have a precise targeted advertisement and so save lots of money.



You can see on the picture above that only two country are selected, but if the company decide to increase this number, the price will also rise. Some of the social media can also directly ask to their customer what advertising they want to see, in order to maybe make the customer feel like he still have a control of the content he watch on internet which is more or less just an illusion.



Translation : “We want the advertisements that you see to be useful . tell us if you are interested in those subjects.”







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